The Automatic Exerciser & Monarch Bell

Ad for Prof schmidtKettlebell by Prof A P SchmidtAutomatic Exerciser by Prof A P SchmidtProf Schmidt Pat DateProf Barker advert.

Professor A P Schmidt claimed anyone could use his Automatic Exerciser. That you could not out grow it because the globe on the end could be filled to make it heavier  and the bar the globe rested on could be adjusted in or out to change the difficulty  of raising  the Exerciser. This can be seen in the ads. He also included  “Free of charge for a limited time only”, sound like today’s ads ?, “his new  and improved Monarch Combination Bell.” There are four different weight adjustable bells.

One bell can be seen in the  photo. This all sold for $ 15.00. There are ads very similar to the ones seen here in the 1910 issues of Physical Culture and The Saturday Evening Post Magazines. There were several models of the Automatic Exerciser over time.

.Schmidt Machine article

One thought on “The Automatic Exerciser & Monarch Bell

  1. Impressive Design.
    Well thought out. Small enough not to take up much room. Portable also, just throw it in the trunk of your car and go.
    I’ve never seen one in person but I like it.
    Robert Zuver

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