Matysek Dumbbell

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The Matysek Dumbbell is 11 inches long, weighs approx 8 LBS empty and has a 7/8 inch hole to allow a pair of these dumbbells to be attached to a bar. This can be seen in the photo “Exercise lll”

Anton Matysek, 1892-1963, won the ” Strongest Man in America” award in 1922. He was also a professional strongman on stage.

One of his specialties  was a one hand lift of a  custom bicycle that held ” three furious peddling  riders” This can be seen in the Milo ad.

Matysek was the most famous of  the Milo students.

In Alan Calvert’s book “Super-Strength” Matysek is pictured on the front piece.

Like other strongmen of the time he published a book on “Muscle Control” and also had mail order body building courses in the 1920s.

For 10 cents you were sent a 48 page booklet “The Road to Success” His business walocated in Baltimore MD

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  1. were the dumbbells attached with typical collars? Do they say anything on them? Do you have a picture of the collars?

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