Weight Plates


Strongman 20 Strongman 8 These plates have a couple of interesting things about them. The misspellings you can see. The other thing, you wonder why  they weigh about half of the weight marked on each plate.  It also looks as though they may not have been made at the same time? If you have any information about these plates please leave a comment.Stongman 15 Stongman 15 green


There are also smaller Zuver’s Gym plates of 35 lbs., 25 lbs., 10 lbs., 5 lbs., and 2-1/2 lbs. They have become very collectible and sought after, sometimes selling as high as $40.00 per pound at auction.

As a Zuver, I’m flattered that my dad’s Dream Plates have become so cherished among vintage iron collectors. I’m proud to say the 45 lb. plates pictured here are in the collection of the Great Gripster, Richard Sorin, and are on display at his Sorinex Facility in S. C.

The photo with the Reserved sign shows Zuver Plates being used as paper weights on Richard Sorin’s desk.

These, along with the famous Zuver’s Hall of Fame Gym Muscle Plates have become, to many, great iron symbols of the muscle world.

Gotta love ’em.

Robert Zuver


Vintage Zuver’s Hall Of Fame Muscle Plates


Thought I would submit a little History about the Famous Vintage Zuver's Hall Of Fame Muscle Plates for your members.
It started in the early 1960's when a unknown Bodybuilder by the name of Bob Zuver opened a small gym in a little town called Costa Mesa Ca. Back then there weren't many Gyms on the west coast and Bob wanted to build a Gym far ahead of its time. And so he did. In fact he built what has been referred to as The Disneyland of The Muscle World. Everything needed to be the Biggest and the Best. 
So one day watching the big guys loading an Olympic bar with the standard Zuver's 45lbs pound plates it dawned on him that adding up a bunch of 45s was a bit much for some of the boys at the time. 
So he thought WHY!, 50lbs plates would be much better, BUT why stop there. Why not 50lb, 100lb, 150lb, and YES, even 200 Pound Plates. Yes that's right I said 200 pounders Each.
Bob wanted his plates to be very special so he got together with Artist Eric Askew and molded a special clay model of the awesome Zuver's Plate as per Bob's vision.
From there an Aluminum Pattern Mold was made and all the Zuver Muscle Plates were Casted at Bell Foundry. Known now as BFCO.
Not only were these the first 50lbs Plates made but also the heaviest plates made in the 1960s.
They have now become the most Rare and most Sought after Plates in the World.
The photos show the original aluminum mold and a pic of each of the four Vintage Hall Of Fame Gym Plates. These plates are not for sale.  Hope you enjoyed this little piece of Vintage History.
Robert Zuver


SID's 50lb

This 50 lb  plate is part of what Sid Teeples called Sid’s System, which was established in 1921. He included instruction courses with the purchase of his weightlifting equipment. He also had Sid’s News which had a circulation of 2,500 according to his ad which also showed a list of So. Calif. Weightlifters Schedule of Events for 1948 – 49. His ads state that all his barbell and dumbbell rods are 1″ in diameter. The plate shown must have been drilled out to fit an olympic bar.

He also envisioned a Health Resort and Mail Order Headquarters near Indo, Calif. He asked for donations to build this Health Resort. The donors could use the resort and profit from others  who paid to use the resort for health instruction or rest.