The patent for this dumb-bell was granted to Frederick Harris of Toledo Ohio July 1903. There is no model name or model number on the patent application. This is a very small dumb-bell,  6″ wide, 5 1/2 “high and is 3 lbs. 3 ozdumb-bell




Matysek Dumbbell

Matysek 1Matysek 2

The Matysek Dumbbell is 11 inches long, weighs approx 8 LBS empty and has a 7/8 inch hole to allow a pair of these dumbbells to be attached to a bar. This can be seen in the photo “Exercise lll”

Anton Matysek, 1892-1963, won the ” Strongest Man in America” award in 1922. He was also a professional strongman on stage.

One of his specialties  was a one hand lift of a  custom bicycle that held ” three furious peddling  riders” This can be seen in the Milo ad.

Matysek was the most famous of  the Milo students.

In Alan Calvert’s book “Super-Strength” Matysek is pictured on the front piece.

Like other strongmen of the time he published a book on “Muscle Control” and also had mail order body building courses in the 1920s.

For 10 cents you were sent a 48 page booklet “The Road to Success” His business walocated in Baltimore MD

.Matysek 9Matysek 7Matysek 10

Eustace Miles Dumb Bell

Eustace Miles Dumb Bells



REGISTERED  No 491250 on the weight end of the dumb bell.  The registry number was issued in 1906. Each weight is appox. 3 lbs  11 ounces. Top to bottom measures 7.25 ” and  is 5.75 inches wide.

His book ” The Eustace Miles System of Physical Culture ” has a chapter on using them
which includes drawings showing swinging, jumping, hopping and skipping with the dumb bells.
Some of these exercises and the book’s cover  and dumb bells are shown here. He was a Cambridge educated health guru. He and his wife Hallie operated a restaurant . He also won a silver medal for tennis at the 1908 Olympics, was prolific author with titles like “Comparative Syntax of Greek & Latin VOL. 1 & 2”, “Mathematical Law in the Spiritual World”. Many of his books are available on Amazon. He was born 1868 died 1948.


Eustace Miles Literature

                    Eustace Miles Literature

Eustace Miles Literature

Eustace Miles Literature

MIles in his  Charing Cross restaurant. The woman in the photo is not identified.

MIles in his Charing Cross restaurant. The woman in the photo is not identified.

Good Dumbells

Good & Good (1) Bell of the Good Bar-bell


A couple of dumbbells. The larger dumbbell is appox. 31″ long and the bells are 12″ in diameter. Harry Good ran the Good Barbell Co from the 1930s into the 1970s. He also published “Health & Physique Magazine” from 1938 – 1940.